How to apply for a Netherlands Work Visa Without IELTS/Work Experience

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The Netherlands is a wonderful country to study, live and work in. However, Netherlands Work visas are not easy to get. For example, the Netherlands only grants a student visa for the first year of a program, and then you must apply for an “exchange visa”.

This means that if you have a job in the Netherlands and want to stay, you have to leave your family and live in a different country for at least 3 months.

The Netherlands Work Visa is a panacea to your barrier of earning a fat salary, travel and relocation allowances, and working with a team of like minds from hill and and all over the world.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we shall look together into what the Netherlands Work Visa entails, how to get it together with your dream job, as well as the required documents and its duration.

What is the Netherlands Work VISA?

Netherlands Work Visa

The Netherlands Work VISA is a 2021 initiative of the Government of Holland to attract foreign skilled workers to the country on an annual basis.

The Work Visa provides foreign workers with a 4-year work permit renewable to the usual permanent work permit or the EU Blue Card which allows you to work in any of the 25 of the 27 Europen Countries.

The Netherlands Work VISA was established to compete with other developed countries of the world like Canada, the USA, and the UK, who are attracting millions of skilled workers from all over the world due to their less-rigorous VISA permits and attractive salaries.

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In order to attract these workers away from other countries, the Netherlands Work Visa has much less-rigorous requirements compared to those of other countries.

Benefits of Netherlands Work VISA

  • MINIMUM SALARY – €2,543 + 1% Shares/Stock
  • NO IELTS –  Unlike Canada and the United Kingdom, the IELTS is not required for securing either your dream job the Netherlands Work Visa to move to Holland. 
  • VISA SPONSORSHIP – Recruiters and top companies in the Netherlands are willing to sponsor your VISA to come work in the Netherlands.
  • RELOCATION BENEFITS – These companies are also ready to help you travel and settle down in the Netherlands with your family.
  • NO LABOR ASSESSMENT/ EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – The companies do not need to prove to the Dutch Government that no local (dutch citizen) is fit for the job. Also, there are jobs for freshers even without work experience.
  • FRIENDLY AND WELCOMING PEOPLE – The Dutch people are very welcoming and friendly. This helps you to quickly settle down and get acquainted with your new environment and enjoy the atmosphere.
  • EVERYBODY SPEAKS ENGLISH – English is spoken everywhere in the Netherlands – at the office, in the grocery and the universities, once you are not able to understand Dutch as a foreigner, people switch to English for proper communication.
  • GETTING A JOB IS EASY – As a foreigner, getting a job is easy in Holland. In fact, international students work part-time and take up internships. The high demand for skilled workers is the main reason the visa was launched in the first place.
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Available Jobs

  • IT & Software jobs 
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Accounting etc.

Required Documents

To apply, candidates must be ready to submit the following documents;

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Certificates (If required)
  • Passport
  • Other documents required for the VISA processing shall be requested by the recruiter.

Method of Application

Application for the Netherlands Work VISA basically requires you to just secure the job from any of the recruiting companies. Once this is done, your VISA and travel shall be further processed and your travel to the European country is scheduled.

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